The Father’s Day Gift For Dad That Costs Only Dollars!

Dollar Shave Club box for a Father


Father’s Day. I have to be honest. As well as I know my husband, he’s REALLY difficult to buy gifts for. He, on the other hand, is the best gift giver ever, so I wanted to do something else for him this year outside, of course, of the kids’ million (sweet) handmade gifts and pictures (which are his favorite). I wanted to share with you what I found because it could help make your “WHAT do I get him for Father’s Day???” question, a little easier!

The Father’s Day Gift Every Man Will Love

I tried to listen REALLY well to things he brought up the past few months. One comment made a crazy Sunday morning before church, “I wish I had REALLY good razors….ones that you didn’t steal to shave your legs.”

True story.

From this, I learned two things, 1. He wants quality razors. 2. I wasn’t as sneaky as I thought. Oops. (and slightly gross).

I did some research and found the coolest program – Dollar Shave Club. 

It’s seriously every man’s (and some women’s) dream.

Here’s the low down and why I think you’ll love it like we do. 

You choose your package.
You can pay $1, $6 (Free Shipping), or $9 (Free Shipping). The more you pay, the more “blades” the razor has (or in layman’s terms, the “fancier” the razor.)

Along with your razor, you also get 4-5 refill cartridges. This is enough for the whole month +.  It comes in super manly, fun box TO YOUR DOORSTEP!Dollar Shave club razors for Father's Day

You also have the option of adding products like shaving cream, aftershave and “One Wipe Charlies” which are exactly what you’re thinking.
Bum wipes.

 Dollar Shave Club Father's Day gifts

And hilarious. My husband laughed hysterically and I quote, “DUDE this is AWESOME”. 

My husband really, really, honestly, LOVED these razors. He said they were the best he’d ever had (We got the $9 package). I can attest to his shave. Super smooth!

And because I know you’re going to ask. No fees. No commitment. Cancel anytime.
You can also change the frequency of delivery. Don’t want it every month? Get them every other month! It’s a really simple system and I appreciate that.

I did a little price comparison for you.
A popular name brand, decent quality razor which we owned before Dollar Shave Club, is $10.59 (on sale). The cartridges (4-count) run $16.62. The kicker? My husband says he likes Dollar Shave Club razors better.  So  $27.21/month vs. $9/month.
I know everyone’s house is different, but in OUR house, Dollar Shave Club has been more cost effective.

The man in your life, dads, husbands, boyfriends whomever, will LOVE this gift. Happy Shavin’.

Get the gift of shave for your man HERE.

Check out their new gift packaging…just in time for Father’s Day!


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