Online garden design course student – Zakes’ garden

Online garden design course student – Zakes’ garden

Great Garden Formula online course student Zakes, an airline attendant from South Africa, shares his garden journey.

His story, as you’ll see in the videos, is a remarkable one…

Zakes lives in Johannesburg. Working as a flight attendant enabled him to visit gardens all over the world. Inspired by all the amazing gardens he saw on his travels, Zakes went about designing his own garden…

DIY Garden design wasn’t easy…

In a 7 year period, Zakes landscaped his garden 5 times without success.

Try as he might, Zakes could not figure out why his garden wasn’t looking as good as all those he visited. No matter how hard he worked on the garden, it never looked right.







Frustrated, he started to research online…

Successful Garden Design videos to the rescue!

Zakes discovered UK garden designer Rachel Mathews on YouTube and avidly watched twenty of her videos back-to-back. He liked the way she explained design and he started to understand the importance of it.

Rachel teaches garden design in a very counterintuitive way (hint: it’s not all about the plants and features!). The principles of garden design work anywhere in the world, so Zakes purchased her flagship course, the Great Garden Formula.

Following the garden design course, Zakes came up with several designs (which you’ll see presented in the first video). In this next video, Zakes gives us a guided tour of his garden…

Designing the dream garden…

Garden design needn’t be difficult if you follow the formula!

If you’d like to do the same course Zakes did, check out our best online garden design course the Great Garden Formula.

This is our most in-depth course and includes masterclasses to get you to a professional level. It’s suitable for both complete beginners and landscape professionals wishing to advance their skills.

The course is 100% online and you can ask Rachel questions in the members’ area.


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