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17 Weird Uses for Milk That Are Actually Pretty Rad

17 Weird Uses for Milk That Are Actually Pretty Rad

[ad_1] Believe it or not, I grew up thinking all kids got their milk straight from the cow like me. I didn’t even know milk came in pretty gallons lined up nicely in grocery store refrigerators until I was about ten years old. You see, growing up in a tiny Idaho town, when we needed milk, we […]

50 Fabulous Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

50 fabulous Mother

[ad_1] Here are 50+ Mother’s Day gift ideas you can make, bake, and say I Love You with!   Mother’s Day will be here in a jiffy and if you’re looking for the perfect gift, one that says you care enough to put a little time, effort, and a lotta love into, then these gift […]

Easy Yard Sale Dresser Makeover with Fancy Farmgirls!

Easy yardsale dresser makeover

[ad_1] Learn how easy it is to do your own yard sale dresser makeover with these tips from our favorite Fancy Farmgirls! Hello! Fancy Farmgirls Marg and Liz here! Tis the season for all things yard sale! Oh, how our hearts go pitter patter. Another man’s junk is our treasure! Stick around if you’re near […]