04 Sep

How to get rid of the cobwebs?


If there is something worse than noticing a spider at home in your bedroom this is indeed noticing a whole cobweb right over your bed and imagining the hardly possible scenario of a spider walking on your face while you are sleeping happily and nicely in your cozy and comfy bed. These things are renewing, we have to admit, their removal is hard and sometimes too strenuous and their appearance – too soon and too unpleasant. The truth is that they are truly awful and not the best view ever, so when a guest stops by and meets a whole bunch of spiders in the bathroom, for instance, he will be shocked and he may even panic. And in addition their removal and non-existence is even part of the end of tenancy cleaning, which makes you hate them even more. Oh, how sad it would be, if you lose the money from your security deposit, because of a single stupid spider and its frightening cobweb. Please, don’t let this happen.  Read More

20 Aug

All dust removal solutions you need to know about


It is ever lasting and never dying, the dust, I mean. No matter how hard you try and how many efforts you make to remove it, it keeps appearing over and over. But have you thought that it’s not only its magical and omnipotent powers, but your lack of knowledge how to cope with it as well.

Yes, it is one of the most annoying things and every clean-up instantly becomes a total disaster.

So you have to choose now, you can either accept the facts or you can keep looking for solutions, for new methods and techniques. And as I believe that giving up is too lame and that we all have to strive for greatness, I found the ultimate cleaning solution, the one that make dust vanish in the best way possible, because we all know that hiring a professional cleaning company is maybe the most successful option, but is it still available, when your mom calls you and tells you that she is coming to your house in a few minutes? Is it? Then you will have to be quick and precise, you will have to strive for perfection, you will have to reach it indeed.   Read More

10 Aug

The simple bathroom cleaning in 4 steps


How gross is this room indeed? It stores grime and dirt and too many bacteria, it needs a regular clean-up and some special care, but the whole tidying is so annoying and unpleasant, that every time you think of it, you are either having a panic attack or going absolutely mad. But, hell, just do it! It is a simple clean-up, for God sake, you can cope with it. No matter if you will complete it in a week, planning a task for every day or you will find strengths and perform it in a single day, you just have to. Because how would you feel if you invite guests and they visit your awful bathroom with tiles with hard water stains on them and cobwebs in the corners or how would you feel if you fail your inspection after the end of tenancy cleaning because of this room only?

It’s insane. Do not procrastinate. As simple as that.  Read More

03 Jul

End of tenancy cleaning: the bathtub


A hot, relaxing, aromatic bath at the end of the day is no doubt one of the greatest joys in life. And every time we come home, nervous and stressed, we do not want to talk or to eat, to read a book or to watch TV, because we are so tense, the bathtub turns out to be our refuge. It’s so magical, this whole way it makes us feel – you somehow forget your problems and the boring everydayness, you imagine that you are in a nice SPA place, you are completely at ease and completely happy as well. However, the rent agreement is yet coming to an end and you have to perform the end of tenancy cleaning by yourself, and the bathtub is on the top of the lovely checklist the landlord or the letting agency representative arrives with. So follow the steps and take care of it, just like it helped you all these years.   Read More

15 Jun

Cleaning is the new workout

We all want to be fit for the summer and to have the all dreamed beach body, so we’ve been trying to work out in every possibility since the first sunbeam this spring. This, however, is not that easy, as you have a serious job and a busy lifestyle. And you not only have to go to work, but you also have to do the shopping and the cooking, you have to take care of the kids and last but not least you have to do the cleaning. And all these activities make your weekend not less busy than your weekdays.

But the key to your successful workout was all this time hidden in your everydayness. The cleaning is in fact the ultimate training.


There are numerous reasons why doing the end of tenancy cleaning is far better than going to the gym and the most important one is that it’s convenient. You don’t have to drive ten minutes or even more so as to be able to work out. You can just wake up and start. Read More

10 Apr

Do you need to hire professional cleaners for your spring cleaning?


Spring cleaning can be a long and tiring task because the winter months usually have their toll on the cleanliness of the house. We rarely open windows during the winter and that can cause the buildup of dust everywhere in the house. Spring cleaning is a thorough process, which involves the cleaning of every room in the house and most importantly getting rid of the dust accumulated during the winter season.

This article is provided by SYK Cleaning – professional end of tenancy cleaning company.

Whilst most people prefer to take their time and clean their properties with the help of family and friends, busy working individuals like to use professional help. Professional cleaners can perform the spring cleaning in no time, using special cleaning products that are harmless to the environment and don’t cause any dangers to your health. They will ensure that your home is clean and safe for you and your family and pets. Read More

13 Mar

Growing organic flowers

Growing natural flowers is a planet pleasant solution
Graphic by means of Wikipedia

When you practice organic flower horticulture you are lessening or eliminating using any type of pesticides or chemicals. The result is a naturally nourishing dirt attained without subjecting the gardener to chemical poisoning as well as a more secure, cleaner setting.

Read More

20 Jan

The price of end of tenancy cleaning

price end of tenancy

When we have to use a service, we usually want to know how much it is going to cost us first and then what it will include. The same goes for end of tenancy cleaning, which is becoming more and more popular amongst the people who rent. The end of tenancy cleaning is very exhausting if you are thinking of doing it yourself. If the price is right for you, you might as well consider hiring a professional cleaning agency.

Landlords want their properties to be cleaned professionally

It has become the norm that the landlords want their properties to be cleaned professionally in order to return the security deposit back to the tenant. This is done with the sole purpose of having the property properly cleaned for the next tenants. Very few of us can clean like professionals and that is why hiring professional help is a must at the end of your tenancy. Many people worry that this is going to cost them an arm and a leg however due to high demand there are many cleaning agencies all competing with each other. This is very good because it makes the professionals to always offer great services and to keep their prices low.

It is very hard to give an exact figure of how much it is going to cost you to avail of the end of tenancy cleaning services because every agency has different prices depending on the services provided. Prices can be per hour, per package, per room, etc. Usually the reputable companies offer their customers bespoke quotes, which means that they will not have to pay a standard price but a price that suits the size of their home and their requirements. Before booking end of tenancy cleaning services, make sure that the company you are going for offers bespoke quotes. This will give you the peace of mind that it doesn’t want to overcharge its clients.

End of tenancy cleaning prices

The end of tenancy cleaning prices should be inclusive of everything. Don’t go for cleaners who don’t disclose all charges as you may be unpleasantly surprised at the end of the clean when you are asked for more money. Once the quote is given and providing that you have been truthful about the property size and the services you require, you should not be expected to pay any more on top. A few agencies may ask you to pay the parking if there is no free parking outside your property so make sure what is included in the quote given.

End of tenancy cleaning should include the cleaning of every room in your home. It doesn’t include furniture cleaning however it should include carpet and oven cleaning. Make sure whether these are included in the quote because if you have to pay extra for the carpet and oven cleaning, then you should just find a different agency that offers these services included in the price.

Don’t always go for the cheapest price because you will most likely have to pay for extras.

Before committing, read the reviews of the customers who have used the company of your choice (check out why the reviews are important).They should have 98-100% positive feedback. Last but not least, make sure that the cleaning agency offers 100% customer satisfaction, which means that if you are not happy with the service, the cleaners will have to clean once again free of charge.